Shipping Boxes Versus Mailing Envelopes

Many people are becoming online entrepreneurs, as online shopping becomes more popular, especially during this time when social distancing proves to be the most effective way to prevent coronavirus infection.

Even without the current health scare, consumers find that shopping online is more convenient, and they have access to more products, most of which they cannot find in physical stores.

Product shipping options

As an online retailer, one of your primary concerns is ensuring that your customers will receive your products free from damage. Thus, you have to choose which type of packaging option you should choose, to see to it that the items remain safe in transit, and you can reduce the occurrence of product returns.

Mailing boxes and mailing envelopes are the two most common options for retailers. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to pick the right one that will fit your purpose and shipping requirements.  

Why choose mailing boxes

Mailing boxes are suitable for sellers who carry items that are light and sturdy. For customers who order different things in various shapes and sizes, using a mailing box is a better option. You can pack several items in a box, as long as you choose the right size and strength, according to the types of products you are sending out.

Mailing boxes can have a single wall of corrugated paper, which is suitable for lightweight but bulky items. For fragile and heavier items, you can use a box with a double wall or triple wall. Packing several items inside one box, cushioning each item sufficiently, will lower your shipping cost.

Using a mailing box of the right size shows your customers that you care about them. You are not charging them additional shipping cost by using a larger container. You also show them that you are a conscientious retailer by using the right size, with the right amount of padding to ensure the safety of the item. A box that fits the item just right limits the space the product can move about in, effectively lowering the risk of damage to the product.

Why choose mailing envelopes

When you’re shipping apparel and other soft and light but sturdy products, you can opt to use mailing envelopes. Mailing envelopes are less expensive than corrugated boxes. They are smaller and occupy less space. With their peel and seal strips, you do not need more tape to secure the items. Likewise, you minimise the cost of packing labour.  

The size and capacity of the mailing envelope reduce your mailing cost as well. If you are shipping T-shirts, the envelope can hold one to three shirts so that the size will be the same.

You also have the option to use plastic mailing envelopes, which are often made of recyclable materials. If you are selling items that do not need to have a rigid container, the cheaper plastic mailing envelopes will be an excellent choice. You can order them with or without bubble lining.

If you are selling calendars, books, stationery and other related items, consider the paperboard mailing envelopes. They come in various thicknesses to suit the types of items you sell. This type is ideal for items that should remain flat.

Be sure to choose the right type of container for the item you are shipping to minimise costs while securing the safety of your product.

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