Design Changes to Help Make Your Website Enticing

Web design isn’t only about the aesthetic appeal of your website. It also focuses on the functionality of the page and its responsiveness. However, appearance also plays a huge role in how people decide. It’s more about the psychological impact of a well-organised website. If you want your page to entice more potential buyers, changes need to happen. These are some design improvements that you might want to consider.

Maximise white space

There’s a false notion that white space is a terrible thing to have on a website. The truth is that having a white space provides an opportunity for people to take a break when browsing the page. Going through the information posted on the page can be exhausting. The white space will also boost the buttons that you want people to click. It’s easier to see them since there’s a contrast with the background. Think about how Apple designs its website. There might be plenty of white space, but it works.

Use bold colours

Another false notion is that neutral colours are safer to use on websites. They look more professional and easier to play with. While it’s true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that both colours should be out of contention. Certain demographic groups will appreciate the use of these colours. Bold colours also attract more attention. When used the right way, it will entice more people to buy. However, if these colours are overwhelming, and they look unprofessional, you might lose potential buyers.

Let go of stock images

It’s easy to grab stock images online. Some of them are for free. You just have to sign up, and you can copy the photos on your website. You won’t have a problem with regards to copyright infringement. The problem is that most of these pictures are irrelevant to the potential buyers. They couldn’t relate to the people in the photos. Imagine selling a product that an ordinary person will use, but the stock photos placed it on a good-looking model. No one can relate to it, and they might think that the product doesn’t suit them since they don’t have similar facial features.

Make important announcements front and centre

If there are announcements such as promotions and discounts, you have to put them in front and centre of the webpage. Start at the upper left corner since most people look first if they open a website. Hiding the announcements might make it harder for people to find what will happen in the future.

Use reviews widgets

When other people review the products and services you sell, you have to find a way to brag about them. Also, having positive reviews can help boost your reputation. You want people to think that your business is doing well, and some previous customers are willing to attest to it. Using review widgets is necessary for making sure that people would know what they’re going to buy. Once they felt convinced because of someone else’s review, they might hit the click button right away and buy the website’s products.

These changes need to happen soon, and the help of the web design Oxfordshire will go a long way. These experts can drastically change the appearance of the website and make it more appealing.


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