Life can be fun only if one wants to make it that way. We are all n leading a boring life, which is usual and common—going to the office early in the morning, coming back by late-night and going back to sleep. This is a daunting schedule and its tires and bores a person and keeps doing that for the entire life. Let us pay gratitude to the beautiful things that we have in our lives, which can be used in various ways, maybe boring but can also be made fun of if we wanted. For example, a standing desk may sound boring, tiring, and exhausting, but it is actually not if it is being used in a very fun way.

Here is a guide for all you office people and the ones who work from home for you to make your life a bit more fun with the help of the prop; standing desk.

  1. Standing desk race– Now, this may sound weird, but it is actually fun to race with your standing desk. It can be done in two ways; one, you race by who is going to adjust the height of the desk the fastest, and the other are that you take the desk to the ground with you and race with it, like literally. Make sure that while doing both of these activities, you keep yourself safe and make it through the race without damaging or breaking your desk.
  2. Bicycling at your desk– Yes, you read it right. You do not need to take time for a work- out for a fit life when you can place a bicycle trainer in front of your desk and bicycle while doing your work. Only do ask your boss before doing this.
  3. Yoga– Stretching exercises is one change of routine that everybody needs to do to live a fitter life and get less tired while working on a standing desk. With the stretching exercises, why not include Yoga and make it better? Do not be afraid of your acquaintances staring at you because you are going to live longer than they will if they do not watch and learn.
  4. Skating– Make your work-life fun by taking your skates with your laptop in your bag. Yes, that is right. Before entering the gate of your office, put your skates on, and skate the whole way through to your desk. Sounds fun, right? You can also have it put on for some time and roam around in the office with your skates on. Again, do ask your boss before doing this.
  5. Pass it on– Social distancing has become the new normal. With almost all the companies in the world incurring losses because of the lockdown due to the pandemic, one has had to cut on his/ her expenses. With social distancing in place, one cannot think of accommodating more than one person on one desk.

Well, worry, not because here is an idea. If you are two people, sit at a good distance. Get one standing desk which is movable. As soon as one person is done with his work, he can pass the movable standing desk onto the other person, and this whole chain can be continued turn by turn. Not only is this fun, but it also cuts on the cost and gives every individual a sufficient amount of rest.

In conclusion

These are a few fun ideas that one can opt for to make their lives more happening and at ease. But before everything, the first step is to buy a standing desk. You can get an adjustable standing desk from websites like Autonomous and can also choose to pair it up with an ergonomic chair.

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