11 Ways Small Businesses Can Use YouTube

YouTube is an excellent resource for entrepreneurs. YouTube has one of the largest audiences in the world, with 30,000 hours worth of video uploaded every minute. It seems like a lot of people have learned this, as the number of small business owners on YouTube has only gone up in recent years. So if you’re new to the game or need some fresh ideas, here are 11 ways you can use YouTube to grow your business:

1. An Intro Video

The first and one of the most compelling videos you should share is your “About” video. Your “About” video gives a quick overview of your business in about two minutes. All you have to do is keep it relevant to your niche and be as creative as possible to make it engaging.

2. Q & A’s

Videos are an excellent way to answer customer questions and inquiries, whether they are formal or informal. With YouTube, you can host a live Q & A session where you allow customers to ask you questions about anything they want to know about your product or service. You can also answer questions in a standard interview-type video. Each time you provide a service, make sure to update your FAQs and question list so you can address more concerns.

3. Product Demonstrations

Another good use of YouTube for small businesses is product demonstrations. It is a great way to show off your product to your audience and get them interacting with it. This translates into a more positive consumer experience and trust in the brand, leading to higher brand loyalty.

4. Share Industry News

With YouTube, there is an opportunity to build and maintain a positive relationship with your customers. One idea is to post industry-related interviews with experts, business owners, and others in your niche. Videos like this can enhance your brand and reputation by being more informative than your competitors and being a reliable source of information.

5. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are often found on landing pages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one. These are great at explaining your product clearly and concisely to get your potential customers to understand what you’re selling in-depth.

6. Funny Product Ads

Take a break from the norm and try something different. Create funny moments with your product that can be used in an ad campaign. For example, use a cute character or a witty animal to make a video ad full of fun and humor. Humor is a great way to make your product memorable and get people talking about it.

7. DIY Projects

YouTube is filled with DIY projects & tutorials. A video-sharing of your DIY or recipe instructions is a great way to share your product.

8. Testimonials

One of the most potent ways to market any product is via testimonials. Testimonials have a way of building trust in the brand, and they show your audience that you are credible. In this video, a satisfied customer should provide their opinion on the product. This is a great way to build your credibility and increase sales by making the product seem trustworthy.

9. Product Reviews

YouTube is an effective tool for sharing product reviews. Not only is it a great way of gaining awareness of your product with consumers, but it is also a valuable tool for gathering opinions from your potential customers. These videos can help your business gain a positive reputation and collect valuable data to help you understand how you can improve your product or service and serve your customers better.

10. Behind-the-Scenes Clips

Your customers are usually curious to know what goes on behind the scenes. A video of your workspace and you being in your element can benefit your brand. It will make your brand more human and relatable to those who are interested in it.

11. Team Introduction

Regarding humanizing your brand, there are few better ways to show this than a video of your team and how they work. It is also an opportunity for you to appreciate the hardworking people who have contributed to your success. A couple of minutes in the limelight will go a long way.


YouTube can be a good platform for small businesses to grow. It offers a large target audience with a low cost of entry. These videos are great for small businesses since they are more flexible and hosted on the platform for free. As a small business owner, you always look for ways to promote your business and gain more customers. This is a great way to promote your business and gain customers.

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